Incredible black girl comic book character with extra eyes. Seeing double with Marie Nolan & the real Jeff Nolan of psychedelic art studio Palm Treat of Philadelphia Detroit Los Angeles Marie Nolan pop art folk aritst outside art vaporwave
"Girls with Extra Parts" Painting Diptych by for sale online now - the latest Vaporwave & Soft Grunge Clothing

"Girls with Extra Parts" Painting Diptych

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A fresh revival of two important women in your life: the San Francisco femme fatales.

These film noir inspired paintings are showing their innocent faces while conveying their true intentions. The double trouble duo will make you look twice at their far out anatomical placements of sweet pouty lips and oh, so innocent eyes. The word bubbles are left blank to engage the viewer's imagination and interaction! The two panels are painted to compliment each other with soft saturated blues and effervescent golds and pinks. Ready to hang.

These two sweethearts will suit any contemporary space, design studio or hoppin' shop.

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Product Details:

  • 24" x 42" x 2
  • Hand Stretched Canvas
  • Ready to Hang
  • Premium Acrylic