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“Let every writer tell his own lies. That's freedom of the press.”

― Norman Mailer

The scope of Palm Treat's work has expanded greatly from its birth in North End, Detroit. The content below is curated from selected press coverage spanning the life of Palm Treat.

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Vaporwave Comic Aesthetics Palm Treat posters by Plastic Medal & Lenart

Plastic Medal by LENART

My Week

A comic featuring Palm Treat posters.

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eKlipse Nostalgia album cover art vaporwave ambient chillwave by Palm Treat



Cover Design by Palm Treat & eKlipse.

eKlipSe is a Romanian-based underground electronic music project that started some time in 2001 in Iași, Romania. The music itself is, mostly, a mix of ambient layers and syncopated beats, with a dash of piano, cello and raving madness.

palm treat artist spotlight featuring Jeff Nolan & Marie Nolan

Artist Spotlight: Palm Treat

Vapor95 Darknet Vaporwave Blog

Please tell us something about yourself that we may not know that influences your work.

Marie: Running! I am an avid runner and feel extremely creative and energized afterward.

Jeff: I have a siamese cat named Dingus who sits on my desk most of the day watching me and sleeping. I frequently ask his opinion on works in progress and make decisions based on his reaction.

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Chad Mojito Sponsorship

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Palm Treat Paranoid Hoodie Review

by Ennui

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weird facebook shitpost meme pages monetizing

Weird Facebook is Monetizing

The Outline

by Jon Christian

Late last month, the archetypal “Weird Facebook” page Cursed Images interrupted its regular fare of unsettling images like a baby doll ripping a giant bong or purple dish soap pouring onto a waffle with an unusual announcement…

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Vaporwave Aesthetic Posters by Palm Treat Interview with Floppypoppywidy MATTER Detroit Edition, 2017

FloppyPoppyWidy MATTER: FPWM D.19

Palm Treat is a design company founded by Jeff and Marie Nolan. They produce graphics, clothing designs, and marketing materials for the Palm Treat brand and for customers in the US and abroad. They are known for their unique blend of dark humor, re-appropriation, and vibrant compositions.

"We do not like having real jobs so we create marketable merchandise with high profit margins and sell as much as we possibly can."

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Palm Treat Animated Music Video

by Tiny Little Ghost

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Marie Nolan and Jeff Nolan of Palm Treat art watching the skies for the Simpsons aliens Kodos & Krang.

Piano & Coffee Interview: Palm Treat

by Anna Aguilo

When did you begin making art and how were your first few experiences with it?

We have always been interested in design. As children we both drew things that we liked, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and My Little Pony. We both remember our artistic endeavours having positive outcomes…

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Artist Marie Nolan featured on the Daily Dot about Simpsons Shitposting and Simpsons memes

Marie Nolan Featured in "How spammers nearly destroyed the biggest 'Simpsons' meme page"

The Daily Dot

by Miles Klee

It's hard to overestimate the impact that The Simpsons — particularly the first dozen seasons or so—has had on popular culture. Two decades after the long-running cartoon's heyday, its funniest moments are still fodder…

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Jeff Nolan of Palm Treat as featured in the Creative Right's art show titled "In Progress" in Ann Arbor, MI. Featuring the poster of the show, an NES quarter pipe by Jeff Nolan, a painting of a psychedelic money cow and images of Jeff Nolan himself at work in the studio at North End Studios, Detroit, MI.

"In Progress" Artist: Palm Treat

Palm Treat's Jeff Nolan (a member of Northend Studios in Detroit) starts off explaining that their submission for In Progress is, “Inspired by the Foot Clan’s hangout in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Subconsciously, I had this idea of a space like the Ninja Turtles’.”

Palm Treat will be working in conjunction with their friend, Shannon McDonald, whom he describes as, “A carpenter/builder who creates weird, matrix-y art. He’s inspired mostly by the things he finds in abandoned buildings.” The duo plan on making either a skateboard ramp or video arcade game for In Progress, though Jeff admits sheepishly, “I don’t even own a skateboard. I just really like the idea of having a skate ramp. Maybe I’ll learn how to skateboard after this.”

Although a skate ramp seems like an unusual object to place in a gallery, Jeff argues, “My art inspires others to do something with themselves, even if it’s just to ask ‘why is this in an art show’? If you put it in a gallery and call it art, I don’t see why it’s not art. Most people don’t recognize art until it’s in a gallery.“

Watch Palm Treat Founders Featured in Part 3 of Detroit Lives Starring Johnny Knoxville

Notes from the Underground

via Real Detroit Weekly

Easily visible from Woodward Avenue, a massive sky-blue and rainbow paint-splattered mural instituted by CCS grad Katherine Craig houses North End Studios, a collective workspace of several up-and-coming artists and musicians. On occasional evenings, the space takes on an alternate moniker—Sparklewood—where shows and dance parties often last deep into the morning hours. When I arrived early one afternoon, empties covered the tables and co-curator Jeff Nolan had recently woken from a windowsill and was sipping on a bottle of champagne, looking a bit disheveled. “I was going to clean up a little…” but I assured him that I understood completely.

The building has been a notable party spot and has a history stretching back to early 1990s rave culture. Once North End Studios began to welcome artists last year, fellow CCS grad Nolan invited local indie-pop party-bringing superstars Macrame Tiger to share a portion of the main floor and has since hosted a variety of events. “There’s always weird shit happening here because there are so many artists in this space,” says Nolan. “There’s about one art show a month… usually we’ll do an after-party. This week there was five bands from out of town. There’s usually a dance party every other week.”

“Everything is operating really well,” informed Nolan. “There are a lot of repairs and general maintenance that we want to do on the building, just so everything’s nice and pristine… a nice, professional looking, finished spot.” Portions of floors are currently being remodeled and walls are being refinished, and overall their ongoing work shows a great deal of promise. “We want to bring in artists from out of the country, out of the state… more and more big stuff because it’s such a big space.”

“At the Marco Polio show, people were dancing on tables and crowdsurfing in a wheelchair,” says Nolan. “You couldn’t get away with that at a venue.” Sparklewood hopes to open its doors to more national touring acts.

Artist & Musician Jeff Nolan from Palm Treat as featured in Real Detroit Magazine, standing in front of Katherine Craig's North End Studios Illuminated Mural in North End, Detroit, MI.

Watch Lords of Detroit, A Short Film About Music in Detroit, Curated by Palm Treat Artist Jeff Nolan

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