90's retro pop art painting of Bart Simpson by Jeff Nolan & Marie Nolan of Palm Treat. Outsider art piece, large painting on canvas. Marie Nolan folk art pop art outsider art
Eat my shorts! Crazy Simpsons Tapped Out wall art for sale by Palm Treat, who is the real Jeff Nolan & Marie Nolan art outsider art fold art.

"Bart with Three Eyes" Painting

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A huge Bart!

This ginormous painting is a 48 x 60" carefully designed clean cut depiction of our favorite juvenal delinquent. While he is mostly seen skateboarding though the mall or putting firecrackers in your oatmeal, here he is seen as a perfectly designed contemporary work of art. The sharp angles and simple symmetry create a statement that gives the viewer a sense of awe. Far out!

This painting would look best anywhere and can be seen from a mile away. Transform a small apartment into a major statement, or a business into the talk of the town.

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Product Details:

  • 48" x 60”
  • Hand Stretched Canvas
  • Ready to Hang
  • Premium Acrylic