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Itchy & Scratchy poster & Homer with 3 Eyes art work. Nuclear Plant poster by artists Marie Nolan and Jeff Nolan of Palm Treat.

Itchy & Scratchy Mashup & Homer with Three Eyes Twin Pack of Posters

  • $ 2000

Homer with Three Eyes and Itchy & Scratchy Smash Morph!

It's picture day at the Nuclear Plant and Homer is ready. It looks like Homer has been working some overtime at the plant, and the lasting affects of nuclear fumes and radiation have changed him, maybe just a little? You look great Homie! There goes Itchy & Scratchy, and it looks like they got tangled together fighting through the mysterious outer limits of the universe! These prints are made to go along side one another and are designed with saturated CMYK and pastel color blocking to create a bright and soft visually brilliant experience.

This space themed duo is unique for their bright and summer popsicle and primary color scheme. The deep black outer space around them make the colors pop and create a bizarre and intriguing extraterrestrial experience! Make these posters a part of your life, and when no one understands you.

Product Details:

  • 12” x 18"
  • High Quality Premium Ink
  • Full Bleed
  • Gloss Finish