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8-Bit Posters 10 Pack

8-Bit Posters 10 Pack

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Palm Treat 8-bit ten pack of posters includes all 10 posters pictured. Each order is 15 square feet (13935.5) of wall coverage! Forget wallpaper, dress your entire aesthetic room with these one of a kind 10/10 poster pack. Each poster is printed with rich Fireball ink, full bleed on 100# with a gloss finish. Excellent.

This poster pack includes these ten original Palm Treat designs: Dreamcast 64, OJ Simpson, The End, Dysentery, This Too Shall Pass, Konami Island, Jaguar 2001XL, Grime Wave, Ecco Lean, and Continue?

  • 12” x 18" each, (15 square feet total!)
  • High Quality Premium Ink
  • Full Bleed
  • Gloss Finish
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