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Platinum Poster 10 Pack

Platinum Poster 10 Pack

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You've entered the realm of superiority. Palm Treat's limited edition Platinum Poster pack includes 10 exceptionally designed posters that are full bleed, printed on 100# with premium fireball ink with a gloss finish. Posters make up fifteen square feet of space. A one time purchase can recreate your entire environment and fill a wall with perfectly fine tuned aesthetics. The platinum pack is curated to the most elite audiences and are sent to your home, luxury style. 

Sink into your full spectrum light reflecting atmosphere. Printed with a high performance, custom full spectrum printer, the fully saturated hues and highly potent vibrant details are multi demential and flourish in natural light. Most colors are custom mixed and ordered for these ten posters. A once an a lifetime oppertunity to experience supreme aesthetics. 

For best results, hang posters in a group near natural lighting. Arrange with tropical Cateracterum Palm, natural plants or small indoor cacti. Feel stuck? For design tips and arrangement advice, contact Palm Treat on Facebook for a digital mock-up of a perfectly curated environment. This is a special offer from the creators of Palm Treat. Retail price in New York is $85 for entire ten pack. You're worth it. Enjoy

Poster names:

  • Vaporwave is Dead
  • Lisa Frank 420 Still Life
  • Xerox Prescription 
  • Konami Dream Sky
  • Darknet Static
  • Acid Pink Adidas
  • Windows95 Eternal
  • Kill Your TV
  • Paranoid Poloroid
  • Sadboys LTD Blue Marble

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