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VinshnApu & Mr. Sparkle Twin Pack of High-Quality Digital Art Prints

  • $ 2000

All neon. All night.

We held a lighter to a disco ball, and after the light swam through our eyeballs like lightening, these two images projected onto our outer-spaced brains. Apu holds the moon phases in place while a buzzing neon lit Homer (Mr. Sparkle) gravitates close by. You can feel the quiet animation of these two drifting together while the neon lights zing! and pop! form time to time. Light up a special spark and sit back to experience these peaceful cosmic art posters by Palm Treat artists Jeff Nolan & Marie Nolan.

Product Details:

  • 12” x 18"
  • High Quality Premium Ink
  • Full Bleed
  • Gloss Finish