Become an Affiliate

How it Works

Each affliate is automatically assigned a unique code when they complete the affiliate sign up form. In order to create a trackable link you just have to find a product or page on the Palm Treat site that you would like to post or link to, and add your code to the end of the link.

Anyone who clicks on one of your links is then attributed to your affiliate account, and 15% of each purchase is added to your payout total. You are able to view your traffic and earnings in your affiliate account.

We generally pay all affiliates out once per quarter in a rotation. If you have earnings and would like to be paid sooner you can just email us and we will pay earnings within a day or two of receiving your email.

Your unique tracking code will work across any social media platform and you can post links as often or rarely as you see fit.

Available Across These Platforms and More:


Sign Up

First we need your contact information. After you complete the form, it will create your account and assign you a unique tracking code: