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About the Art and Design of Palm Treat

Jeff Nolan working on a pop art painting of a trippy comic book girl with Marie Nolan.Palm Treat is the collaborative work of Jeff Nolan and Marie Nolan. The paintings and designs explore the relationship between artistic expression, popular cartoons, and advertising in 21st century America.

The work has developed from early psychedelic pop art paintings into a wide variety of styles and pieces. Taking influence from vaporwave, glitch artists, and corporate advertising the artists have created body of work that is a biting reflection of modern culture. Themes of nihilism, dark humor, and anti-consumerism are woven throughout the pieces.

The artists met while attending college in Detroit and have lived in Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, New Mexico, and currently work and reside outside of Detroit, Michigan. Their work together began as a series of Simpsons related painting and drawings that culminated in a sold-out show at the experimental art and music gallery North End Studios in Detroit, Michigan in 2013. Their work has been collected by the likes of Jens Hoffman and KRS-One.

After the unexpected success of early shows, the pair of artists took inspiration from Andy Warhol and Lisa Frank and expanded the scope of their work together beyond paintings into digital designs, clothing, posters, books, skate decks, pins, patches. Jeff and Marie sold work as Palm Treat throughout 2014 & 2015 piece by piece through Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr. In January 2016 Palm Treat launched this eponymously titled website and online store.

In May 2016 Palm Treat collaborated with Sante Fe's Meow Wolf to produce a mural-sized vinyl cutout of pineapple slices.

Palm Treat also collaborates with Australia-based Lonely Kids Club and Brooklyn, New York apparell company Vapor95.

In 2017 Palm Treat has emerged as a major influencer of the post-modern, post-satire Weird Facebook movement. Through this social media shadow network, dubbed by the Daily Dot as "a loose conglomeration of pages that post bizarre image macros," Palm Treat is able to broadcast to an audience of over 20 million delinquents.