About Palm Treat

Palm Treat is a collaborative art brand that explores the sardonic relationship between art and commerce that consumes an ever-increasing portion our waking lives.

Our work started as over-sized psychedelic pop art paintings featuring the distorted faces of Simpson's characters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the early 2010's. This early series of work culminated in a sold-out show at the experimental art and music gallery North End Studios in Detroit, Michigan in 2013. Our paintings have been collected by people like Cole Bennett and Jens Hoffman in the years since.

After the unexpected success of our single solo show people started asking us for prints and posters on social media. Around this time we became fascinated by Lisa Frank's lavish megalomania and started drifting toward the idea of making art that lent itself to being printed.

Outside of Palm Treat we have worked as art directors, designers, and consultants for some of the most recognized brands in the world - virtually none of which we are going to name - but some we will are Pink Floyd and Nokia.

As Palm Treat we have collaborated with a ton of artists and creators from all over the world; most notably Sante Fe's Meow Wolf, Australia-based Lonely Kids Club, and New York apparel company Vapor95.

Around 2016 our subversive digital advertising tactics collided with some figures in the very influential post-satire Weird Facebook movement. Through this social media shadow network of popular admins, dubbed by the Daily Dot as "a loose conglomeration of pages that post bizarre image macros," Palm Treat is able to broadcast to an audience of over 100 million delinquent social media users, which is likely what lead you to this website.

Our Team

Denver, USA

Detroit, USA

Kelowna, Canada