☹ Vaporwave & Pop Art, Posters, & Apparel for Sale by Palm Treat

☹ Vaporwave & Pop Art, Posters, & Apparel for Sale by Palm Treat

Palm Treat artist Marie Williams at work in the studio on a Lisa Frank inspired pop art painting of Milhouse from the hit FOX show "the Simpsons" in 2015Palm Treat is an online destination for fashion-forward, free-thinking individuals. Vapor distilled purity with electrolytes for taste.

In 2013, founders Jeff Nolan and Marie Williams began producing and exhibiting large scale pop art paintings in Detroit featuring cartoon characters. From these early paintings the work has become more design oriented, combining mid-century sources with contemporary consumer capitalism, popular culture, and internet tropes.

The work has grown to become an eclectic selection of carefully curated and designed merchandise offering original artwork, art posters, clothing, and accessories. The name was inspired by the optimistic naivety of Hawaii Five-0 and 60's surf movies.

Collaboration between Palm Treat and screen printers and other suppliers has culminated in vibrant prints and striking pieces. The designs featured are a sort of visually unsettling Lisa Frank and Andy Warhol mashup for a more cynical internet generation.

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