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Am I too old to be an egirl?

Am I too old to be an egirl?

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XOXO: Neon Dreams

Am I too old to be an egirl? is a bold and provocative piece of detritus that encapsulates the edgy vibrance of contemporary landfills. Dominating the composition is a figure's legs clad in leggings that won't keep you warm, rendered in stark contrasts of pink and black. The laces are a poor attempt to weave a mesmerizing pattern, drawing the viewer's eye to the central, almost hypnotic, display of texture and form was the idea but it's just not good.

The background is a childish riot of neon pinks and bold, graffiti-like text that doesn't say anything of significance, including the prominent "XOXO" that adds a playful yet intense dynamic to the piece while again, meaning nothing. Additional graphic elements, like the yellow price tag marked "69¢" isn't funny and various Japanese characters, contribute to the piece’s stolen aesthetic, merging pop culture with cultural appropriation.

On the left, a detailed blue blob contrasts sharply with the organic forms of the leggings, symbolizing a blend of mechanical and human elements, a tasty meat computer.

  • 24" x 36"
  • Premium Acrylics on Wood Panel
  • Ready to Hang
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