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"Itchy & Scratchy Deluxe" Painting

  • $ 51000

A recipe for disaster!

Itchy and Scratchy team up as a two headed duo to reek havoc once again. The two troublemakers share the same face and are designed to create a harmonious shape shifting creature. The background depicts an intense experience that puts the viewer in the moment of mischief without taking away from the subject's comical content. Three of these paintings were made, two of which were sold to the curator for the MoMa, Jens Hoffman, and rap artist KRS1. There is only one left.

This 42 x 36” painting would look best in an action packed space, studio reception office, or contemporary space.

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Product Details:

  • 42" x 36”
  • Hand Stretched Canvas
  • Ready to Hang
  • Premium Acrylic

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