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Real Human Artist™

Real Human Artist™

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Self Portrait of a Real Human Artist

In a vivid display of defiance, this self-portrait captures the artist as a relentless avenger in a metallic gold world, the palette a stark departure from vermillion, indicative of valor and victory. The stance is commanding, with a katana firmly in grasp, an unequivocal symbol of the artist's precision and resolve to slash through the fabric of doubt woven by critics.

The composition, entirely in acrylics, rejects the cold precision of digital artistry, embracing instead the chaos and vitality of the human hand. Traditional elements juxtaposed with contemporary chaos speak to a narrative deeper than the surface suggests, each stroke a silent testament to the artist's personal crusade against the slander of artificiality.

Foregrounding the portrait, the "Real Human Artist" tag stands as a declaration of authenticity, a badge worn with honor in the fight for recognition. This tableau is not just a self-portrait; it is a battle scene, the artist's relentless pursuit for the sanctity of human-created art.

Artwork Details:

  • 36" x 48"
  • Premium Acrylics on Canvas
  • Ready to Hang
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