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Palm Treat Mafia Global



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The Whisper of the Rokurokubi

The enigmatic lore of the rokurokubi comes to life through the portrayal of a woman in a moment of stillness, her elongated neck suggesting a connection to the mythical beings known for their stretching ability. The sky behind her, painted in strokes of calming blue and soft coral, mirrors the tranquility and mysterious depth of the evening sky.

Her gaze is cast downwards, embodying a silent introspection that belies the supernatural essence of her form. This artwork fuses the everyday with the extraordinary, inviting the viewer to ponder the quiet tales of folklore that thread through our existence. It's a visual hymn to the mythical, the serene, and the beautiful, told through a palette that breathes life into an old legend.

Painting Details:

  • Hand Stretched Canvas
  • Ready to Hang
  • Premium Liquitex Acrylics
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